I’m a 26 year old victim of trafficking, childhood sexual abuse, incest, rape, BDSM and domestic abuse, amongst other more specific forms of abuse and I’m based in England.  I blog primarily about my experiences as a trafficking victim and the pornography and prostitution industries and I do so through a radical lesbian feminist lens.  I also blog about the realities of survivorship; disability, mental health, attachment issues, class and financial issues and the difficulties of living day-to-day.

I am a gender abolitionist, pro-Nordic Model (when it’s implemented in the right way, with the right exiting support), critical of PIV (penis in vagina sex), a separatist and a class based theorist.  My priority is and always will be other women; I am very women centric and I will especially stand by my other exited and trafficked sisters.

I respond to respectfully worded messages; I am always willing to answer questions about my experiences and I’m willing to provide my thoughts on various topics as an exited womon.

I highly believe that this movement should be run by exited womyn and so will gladly lend my voice when it’s needed, even if at times I know I will be used as a token survivor.



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